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The popularity of WordPress as a hosting service is huge, especially amongst small-medium businesses, bloggers, web developers, and up-coming startups. Reason being- WordPress provides various amenities such as a solid CMS (Content Management System), great backup and storage for the site, robust themes and a great server uptime for its deployers. To get online quickly businesses from the aforementioned segments get their hands on Shared hosting to deploy WordPress since the requirement for resources like storage space and memory are not much. But before moving ahead, allow me to explain what shared hosting means.

Best Shared Hosting for WordPress

Shared hosting is a kind of web hosting service which allows many websites to share a web server as well as its resources in between many hosted websites. To tell you in simple terms, you are living on rent in a house with your roommates. Now, since you are living in the same house,  all the resources present in the house such as food, electricity etc will be available but shared by everyone living in the house. Shared hosting works in the same way. Given that your needs for hosting a website, such as memory, storage space and bandwidth are limited, you can use shared hosting for WordPress without any hiccups.

Since this product is in much demand, there are many providers of shared hosting for WordPress available in the market. If you want to get the best deal for the same, it becomes inevitable to ask — who is be the best-shared hosting provider that serves provides all the necessary resources at a cheap price? Hence, going ahead, the first step is figuring out how to choose the best shared hosting provider for your blog/site. Here are a few pointers that will help you narrow down your options.

  • Provides high speed or in simple terms ‘page load time’- This is necessary because your visitors would want to visit a website that loads quickly.
  • Provides a high server uptime – Server uptime is the percentage of your time that your system is in working condition. A good hosting service facilitates anywhere between 99%-99.5%.
  • Lends you service/ support for queries and complaints – In case you face difficulties while deploying or using the service, the support team should resolve your queries.

Based on my experience, ResellerClub is the most suitable web hosting provider for your website. They strike the right chord with all kinds of customers by providing the aforementioned points perfectly. In fact, my own website, is also hosted by ResellerClub.

shared hosting

Let’s get a little well versed with ResellerClub and why you need to choose them instead of other providers, shall we?

About ResellerClub

ResellerClub is an ICANN-accredited internet domain and web hosting company that truly believes in empowering web professionals as well as SMBs with cutting-edge web hosting solutions. With a wide range of products to choose from, ResellerClub has established a strong customer base globally since 1998. ResellerClub not only provides top-level domains like .com, org .NET, .info,  etc. but also provide nTLDs and reseller hosting services.

In addition to this, ResellerClub also facilitates customers with security and data recovery add-ons such as SSL certificates, SiteLock, CodeGuard etc.

ResellerClub is a part of Endurance International Group which also includes Bluehost, HostGator, BigRock and Constant Contact.

Why We Recommended Reseller Club

ResellerClub has built their services on the tenets of high storage space, tight security, and blazing fast hosting speed. On the basis of these customer needs, they have provided multiple benefits in the form of server uptime, support, knowledge base etc. In addition to this, their shared hosting plans provide customers with cPanel to manage multiple accounts, emails, and domains. Let us discuss their benefits one by one.

1) High server up-time – ResellerClub boasts of providing their customers with a high uptime. One can easily manage the website without any hiccups. They also provide users with Varnish Caching, a web accelerator that reduces access time for websites.

2) Security against antivirus and malware – ResellerClub understands that cybersecurity is the need of the hour. Which is why they have gone the whole hog with respect to securing their customers’ web presence. To begin with, they provide SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate to all their customers. This allows visitors to trust the website and navigate through pages without any worries. Along with this, ResellerClub has taken measures to provide customers with SSH (Secure Shell Access) to protect against malware and virus attacks. In addition to this, their servers are also encrypted with FTP (File Transfer Protocol) over SSL.

3) State-of-the-art data centers- ResellerClub’s data centers are built to match international standards. They provide large storage facilities for web hosting that are equipped with the latest technology and equipment. Moreover, these data centers are built across the U.S., U.K., Singapore and many other locations. With many data centers built across the globe, ResellerClub is able to leverage their network and provide not only large storage services but also high speed, something we mentioned above.

4) Great support team – You can raise a ticket with the help of Resellerclub’s ticketing system if you ever need to resolve issues with your hosting. ResellerClub’s response to any queries asked is quick and their support team is very patient. So no matter how complicated or intricate your query is, you can expect ResellerClub’s support team to resolve it for you in a matter of minutes.

5) Knowledge Base- To support existing customers with technical queries, ResellerClub has a Knowledge Base page on their website. This page has a lot of different tabs like hosting, domain, security etc. One can click on the tab to find the solution to their query. This page is kept updated with respect to all the changes and additions that are made in their hosting.

6) Live Support / Chat – Since one support option was not enough, ResellerClub introduced another channel to address the issues of customers. The live support/chat option pops up once you visit ResellerClub’s website. Apart from being fast and instantaneous while resolving issues, it caters to both types of customers (new as well as old).

Shared Hosting Plan Price & Specification

ResellerClub’s Shared hosting plan is one of the cheapest hosting deals out there. If you are looking to get online in no time, you can do so by availing this plan that starts from Rs.185/month. What’s great about this deal is that you get cPanel’s website management platform to control and handle your website with unlimited storage and bandwidth. In addition to this, your hosting’s security is guaranteed with Cloudflare, a content delivery network that protects your hosting from virus and malware attacks.

I hope this article was informative and helps you make the right choice for the best-shared hosting for WordPress. In case you have any doubts or queries, please leave the same in the comments section below.

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