How to Start a Blog

Hey! You’re here in light of the fact that you want to give up a definitive wonder of “Starting a blog in 2019“. Without a doubt! Now you are in front of 10 Lakh individuals in this world. This is on the grounds that you have pushed forward leaving most of the individuals who did not have the graciousness to create additional wellsprings of Income likely in light of the fact that they need to stay with their standard 9 to 5 work, get increased in value by seniors and hang tight for the yearly augmentation.


In any case, all these while you continue perusing different blogs about their blogging venture. Now prepare with the activity to win some additional penny from the Internet with or without your activity.


Okay, you can start blogging other than an ordinary occupation or whatever work you are doing, later when certainty develops and starts getting much more cash from your blog to support a solid living through blogging. Despite the fact that you may need to leave your work at the workplace and take blogging as your full-time profession.


It’s constantly hard to start new things and gets balanced sooner or later, this is like blogging, I will manage you with everything in this point by point post. By methods for blogging, you can do everything all alone, you need not need to contract a specialist to make a blog for you. You can set aside that cash around $60/Rs.4000 in purchasing your facilitating and domain name.


There are two essential targets of figuring out how to blog. First “how to start a blog on WordPress” and Second “How to build up a blog for somebody consequently of Money.” Before I brief you about the underlying strides of how you can make your blog prepared in the following 30 mins, I might want to add a few to your knowledge base.


Blogging first started as an unmistakable method to have an online individual weblog. Through which an individual update diary about their day. The ‘weblog’ alludes to ‘blog’ now. In the same way as other creations on planet earth, people groups have discovered incredible potential by having a blog and blogging started moving up there.


From that point forward a blog is never again utilized for showcasing however it has turned into a self-start venture all by itself. Blogging is fun, the real method to share knowledge which produces an average pay from the web.


Blogs have two outmost points of interest, for example, A blog establishes much of the time updatation of the post. It very well may be anything offering to the world. Blog posts are included a few times each week.


Blogs take into consideration peruser commitment which is the reason peruser finding the most dazzling post has a large number of remarks down under presents on have a dialog with the blogger and other people who read the blog.


Fortunately, before starting a blog I have curated a moderately simple guide for you. How about we start with a brief about How would I really start with blogging?


How would I really finish up in blogging?


I started blogging 4 years back and this is my third blog by having in excess of 5 blogs on various specialties. I am producing various wellsprings of pay this while. In any case, it wasn’t a similar when I started back.


During my underlying days, I didn’t know about blogging and things related with it, I used to look on the web “How to profit on the web?”


Luckily, I arrived up observing one blog post that offered me 20 most ideal approaches to profit on the web, I can hardly wait to peruse the article and handle the whole article without losing a sec, blogging on the highest priority on the rundown, the other initial two alternatives were 1) Affiliate Marketing, 2) YouTube and Third was Blogging.


Despite the fact that it was really simple for me to dream about blogging and producing huge amounts of money with it. The main thing required was a workstation and a web association. It was then I felt the need to feel like a supervisor. Nearly everybody in blogging has encountered this once. In addition, the improvement turns out to be all the more satisfying when you consider procuring 20x money over your customary 9 to 5 office employment. It was the point at which I used to work for an MNC as a Software Network Engineer.


The sort of feel like “manager” or starting something being a business visionary is continually satisfying in nature. More when I see myself attempting to meet my budgetary objectives, needs to support my family is the essential motivation behind why I decided on blogging.


At any rate, I started with the initial 3 choices on the rundown.


I made YouTube Channel With name Technical TEJ Master, other than starting a blog where I affiliate items with no or less knowledge in affiliate showcasing.


Later I found a few missteps relating to blogging. Henceforth, I committed sufficient opportunity to learn things with respect to YouTube channel and blogging essentials by perusing blogs, watching recordings. Additionally, affiliate advertising was quite intense for me which I made more straightforward by joining affiliate promoting courses and in the blink of an eye, I have learned things that disappeared.


Despite the fact that from an apprentice perspective my blog posts started accepting traffic around the world. Furthermore, it set aside no effort to compose a few other eye-getting blog posts which got enormous traffic in only 2 months. Furthermore, I at long last started creating some pay. What’s more, finally, over a time of 3 years I am gaining a better than average pay and ready to procure 2 administrators compensation consistently.


In this way, blogging is the best and Free medium to develop your business and specialist. You can manufacture your trust, realness and nearness on the web. My real income source originates from Blogging you can see underneath screen captures. It is conceivable to profit from your blog, proofs are underneath.


Now I will manage you through how to start blogging

in 2019 full guide.


Since starting, of another blog, you must be clear about on which specialty or theme you are going to start your blog, underneath are a few exercises we have to accomplish for building up a WordPress Blog.


  • Find Good beneficial Niche.


  • How to book domain name and set aside cash.


  • Best facilitating supplier to start your blog


  • Linking of the domain name with facilitating supplier.


  • Installing WordPress in Cpanel


Step1: Finding a Good Niche to Start blogging:


Finding an ideal Niche is the most critical part of your blogging venture, this is the place all the diligent work depends on. In spite of the fact that before bouncing into, you have to do some market and premium research, Blogging is a medium through which you settle issues of others. Become an issue solver and trust me traffic is yours!


The most significant inquiry of the century is the reason individuals will in general visit your blog?


How about we accept you have ideal knowledge about a particular thing that others don’t have. They may be looking for finding the particular response to the inquiry. You can compose a post, expressing the real response to the inquiry or take care of an issue that individuals have requested. As to noting questions to immense masses, you are getting immediate traffic to your site/blog. Furthermore, consequently, you get paid for items you affiliate. Indeed, even you can help other people and get paid whatever sum requested making the goals.


Or on the other hand you can discover a classification wherein you can communicate with words and teach individuals with your knowledge whether you are as yet confronting issue in Niche look into you can allude to this guide best classifications to start blogging as a vocation. After you found the correct Niche which suits your advantage you would straightaway be able to book your domain name before another person gets.


Stage 2: Find a Good domain name for your Blog:


  1. A domain name is your character and name of your site like I have,,, and so forth.


  1. You can book domain names from GoDaddy (recommended), Bigrock, NameCheap(recommended), are the top organizations to enroll domain name for your blog.


  1. GoDaddy domain name proposal

how to start a blog

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