Make Money From Event Blogging -The Ultimate Guide

What is Event Blogging ?

Event Blogging is the Way where you can earn a lot of money is 2 to 3 days using Adsense or other ad networks, yes event blogging is the very popular festival for all India,s  Bloggers. because its worth is very high for all, and if you are a blogger then you know what is the power of traffic, so I think you are thinking for doing event blogging in 2019, then I think you are in right place.

Event blogging
                                                      Make Money from Event blogging

How To Start Event Blogging

In this post, I am going to show you how to start  Event Blogging start in 2019, with 100% successfully.

Suppose, today is Valentine day and you have an internet connection and Smartphone or laptop, what will you do?

Most probably, you will search something about valentine day like

  • Happy Valentine Day Wishes
  • Valentine Day Gifts for a girlfriend

You are not alone in the world; there are millions and billions of people who do a similar search for a particular topic.

And mostly they go through Google or any other search engines.

So in event blogging, we do create a blog on a particular topic (eg. Valentine) and by doing search engine optimization we do rank our website at the top position in the search engines.

If my website is on the first page, with a good keyword then I will get millions of traffic in a single day. By monetizing my blog with Advertisements (Adsense), I can make $$$$ in a single day.

Now how to do the same as they do,,

 How to choose An Event

so how can you choose the event? for choosing event look 30–45 after., I mean what is going to be in the future. Let’s suppose this is the month of November, and after two months a new year will start. So you can choose something like this.

So here “Happy New Year” is an event.

=> Keyword Research

=> Content Creation

=> How to rank Event Blog

=> How to make Backlinks?

=> How to earn $$$$.

For choosing an event you can choose any upcoming holidays.

What Are The Requirements to start Event Blogging




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