How To Get AdSense Approval Quickly

How To Get AdSense Approval Quickly

How to get AdSense approval  Quickly if you are a new blogger and want to earn money from your blog then defiantly you want to get Adsense approval then follow all these tips I’m sure you will get defiantly Adsense approval for your blog..

How To Get AdSense Approval

What is AdSense

AdSense is a big advertising company which is a product of Google and it shows ads on blogs and youtube channels. When you use AdSense as a publisher then it pays you for showing AdSense on your blog.

Don’t do Fast

I know when you create a blog then you need Adsense for this you will do fast but don’t do this don’t worry about your AdSense concentrate on your blog’s traffic ranking and content don’t run behind the AdSense approval.

Use Top-Level Domain

Yes, Your domain extension helps you a lot to get AdSense approval many people try to get approve AdSense on sub-domains like Google AdSense gives approval on Blogspot but it takes time.

If you want to get AdSense approval fast then always use a top-level domain for your blog.

Write more Articles

After creating a blog write at least one article in one day. If you can write more articles then write more and more but do not copy another’s blog write your own content.

Always Write long Articles

If you want to get early Adsense approval then always write long content which has at least 700 words it will also help you in ranking. When you write 15+ article which has 700+ words then sign up for Adsense.

Read policies of Google AdSense

Before signing up for AdSense read the policies of Google AdSense it will help you more to get AdSense approval because here is written everything for AdSense so don’t forget to read the Adsense guidelines and policies.

Read AdSense Policies

Create pages for your blog

It is very important for Adsense thus you should create four pages for your blog which is About Us, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy and Contact Us create all pages for your blog.

If you don’t know how to create these pages then search on youtube and google here you will find many ways for creating pages

Use AdSense friendly Theme

Yes, it is also one of the major points to get Adsense approval if your blog does not customize properly then maybe Adsense reject your site. So create a user-friendly blog give proper navigation and menu like a professional blog.

Blogging vs YouTube which one is better

When do Apply for AdSense

When your blog is ready and getting good traffic then apply for Adsense many people apply for Adsense only in one day so don’t do this apply for Adsense when you publish at least 15 posts.


So these are my tips according to my experience Adsense does not mention that how much need articles or traffic for getting Adsense approval. Follow all this one day defiantly Adsense will approve your site don’t worry about it

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